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Frequently Asked Questions
How to Add Jain Biodata / Profile here?
The Registration Procedure on Is Very Easy, Press the Register or New membership Button,

Add Your Login Details Then Click Submit. Check Our Email With Membership Confirmation Link, Click The Given Link Then Login & Fill Step by Step Biodata / Profile. Profile Indicator Guide You About Balance Information. Ones You Complete Biodata / Profile, Profile Validation Screen Appeared With Instructions How To Activate Your Account By Sending SMS.

Sometime account activation pending due to reason, read reason why it's pending.

* Please Note All Matrimonial Biodata / Profile Added Here Go From Validation Process Up To Finalization Of Verification, You Will See Not Activate As Your Account Status & After Activation Status Change As Active, Profiles Current Privacy Control, Your Last Login, Match View Consume By You etc. Indications Shown On Your Profile Management Page. Statistics like Request Received, Request Send, Your Visits, Visitors To My Profile, Best Matches etc. Links Available When Your Account have Status Active

* You Can Enjoy All Features When Having Status Active.

How Much Time It Take To Register And Create A My Profile On
Registration And Profile Creation On Can Be Completed In Less Than 15-20 Minutes. In Easy Steps You Can Register With And Post Your Biodata. After Basic Information Submission You Can Take Pause & Add Rest Biodata Information Whenever You Have Time. Account Validation Take 5 Min To 8 Hours time.
What Are Features You Provide To Make Match Fast
We Provide Number of Features to Make Match Easy & Perfect.
  • By Clicking Show Contact Button, Female Profiles Can Get Contacts For Communication.
  • By Clicking Express Interest Button, Male Profiles Can Express Interest For Match Female Profiles
  • To abtain Privacy For Profile You Change Profile Privacy Control Anytime (Invisible, User, Public)
  • Get Details of Accepted, Rejected, Pending Requests
  • Get Visits, Revisits Statistics for Your Profile
  • Statistics Which Profile Visited By You & Which You Mark As Favorite
  • Save Match Criteria To Get Best Match Suggestions By System
  • Add/Delete Photos To Photo Album
  • Add/Edit Relatives
And Many More Links From A Single, Easy & Fast User Interface.
After Account Activation Profiles Get Certain Number of Match Views, by Using That , You Can Communicate With Suitable Profiles Free Of Cost, In case You Need More Then Upgrade Membership By Given Information
What is Profile Privacy Controls

Profile Privacy Control Types Which Helps You to obtain Privacy for Your Profile.

  • Your Photo's Shown to All Visitors at Website
  • Your Profile/Contact will be Added in Our Whatsapp Groups & Your Biodata Will Be Shared In all Our Groups, for Maximum Benefits & Easy Match Making
  • Advantage : Receive Maximum Response
  • Female Profiles Photo's Shown to Members Only On Website
  • Male Profiles Photo's Shown to All Visitors of Website
  • Your Profile/Contact will be Added in Our Whatsapp Groups for Maximum Benefits & Easy Match Making
  • Advantage : Abtain Good Privacy
  • Your Profile Will Not Shown Within Any Search On Website or Added in Our Whatsapp Groups
  • *This Feature Available Only For Female Profiles
  • When You Visit or Request Contacts of Any Profile, System make Your Profile Visible For Requested Profile Only
  • You Can Receive Our Profile Match Suggestions
  • Advantage : Maximum Privacy
Can I Register On Behalf Of A Relative Or A Friend?
Yes You Can! When Adding Biodata Profile You Can Specify Your Relationship With The Person On Whose Behalf You're Registering. Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Any Relative, Community Friend Or Yourself Can Add Biodata.
Please Note Your Given Contacts Details Will Be Validate By Our System Any Invalid Contact Will Block Account Immediately.
How Can I Edit My Profile?
By Login You Will Reach In Profile Management Tab & You Can Edit any Information By Available Edit Links or By Sending Feedback.
Can I Edit All of The Profile Information While Modifying My Profile?
Ones your Account Activate Some Edit Links Were Disable, You Can Edit That Information By Feedback Form
Can I Hold Or Hide My Profile Temporarily ?
Yes You Can. By Selecting Privacy Control Invisible. You Can Hide Or Hold Your Profile
Your profile Become Invisible for Others & It Will Not Seen in Any Search, only The Profile With Whom You Have Request Communication Can View Your Details & Contacts.
What Are The Benefits Of Registering On Do I get anything FREE?
You Can Post Your Profile On Free Of Cost. You Will Get Some Free Match Views When You Register On It Will Show In Profile Management Page. You Can Get/Accept Requests Or Get Accepted Profiles Contacts, In Your Free Match Views Limit Also. You Can Add More Information About Yourself And Your Family, Your Relatives. You Can Even Upload/Add/Delete Your Photographs To Your Photo Album. You Can Set Life Partner Criteria For Relevant System Alerts. You Can Get Profile Visit Statistics, Get Report Which Profile Holders Viewed Your Profile, How Many Request By You And How Many Accept Your Request, Whose Request You Reject. How Many Profile You Visited, Which Are Your Favorite Profiles Etc. All Up To Free Match Views Onces Free Match Views Consume, Need To Buy A Lot Of Match Views.
The Profile Addition Form Seems To Be A Bit Lengthy. Do I Need To Fill It Entirely?
Yes ! This Information Have Very Importance While Making Matches, As This Will Be Primary Presentation Of You & Your Family. The Real & Detail Information About You, Your Family & Your Relatives Make The Match Perfect & Fast.

The Detail Profile Will Be Attract More Contrast Profiles & Create Positive Approach While Making Matches At So Please Do Not Think About The Time And Effort To Complete Profile

While Filling Profile, Can I Avoid Providing Information In The Compulsory Fields.
No. Your Profile Form Will Not Be Submit Until You Fill All Information, So Filling Information Is The Correct Way.
While Registering I Came Across A Question That Asked Me Whether I Am A Manglik. What Is The Meaning Of Manglik?
Mangal Dosha Is An Astrological Combination That Occurs If Mars (Astrology)(Mangal) Is In The 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, Or 12th House Of The Vedic Astrology Ascendant Chart. A Person Born In The Presence Of This Condition Is Termed A Manglik.This Condition Is Astrologically Believed To Be Unfavorable For Marriages, Causing Discomfort And Tension In Relationship, Leading To Severe Disharmony Among The Spouses And Eventually To Other Bigger Problems. This Is Attributed To The "Fiery" Nature Of Mars, The Planet Of War. Also, If Two Mangliks Marry, The Negative Effects Are Believed To Cancel Each Other Out.

The Manglik Option Is Important To Only Those People Who Are Particular About Horoscopes. When You Are Not Sure About Manglik Then You May Select The 'don't Know' Option As An Answer.

The Profile Form Requires Information About My Time Of Birth, , City Of Birth. What Do I Do If I Am Not Sure Of These Details?
The Birth Time & Place Details Are Useful When Matched Profile Interested In Matching Horoscopes, So To Write Correct Birth Time Will Be Good Otherwise It Will Create Obstacles In Next Process After Match & The Efforts Of Both Side Will Be Waste. You May Leave These Details Blank (If You Did Not Know The Correct Birth Time). However, You Can Edit This Fields Latter. This Information Will Be Useful In Getting Horoscopes For Better Matrimonial Matches.
What is a PID? Is it Important ?
A Profile Id Uniquely Identifies Your Profile On Every Profile At Has A Unique Profile Id.(6 To 8 Digits Alphanumeric) The Profile Id Appears At The Top Of Every Profile. Profile Holders Can Directly Access By Profile Id & This Id Will Be Used In All Communication For System Alerts, Requests Etc. Please Note There Are No Alphabetic 'o' In Any PID. All O Are Numeric Zero.
Are There Any Specific Restrictions While Creating A Matrimonial Profile On
Any Dirty Matter In Profile Information, Any Vulgar Language, Pornographic Photo Upload Will Be A Crime As Per Indian Cyber Law & In Such Matter Your Profile Will Be Blocked & Your Details With Ip Addresses Used By You Will Be Provided To Certain Authorities For Necessary Actions.
While Login I Got An Error Message Your Account Is Locked. Why?
This Is Because After 5 Wrong Password Attempts That Account Will Be Locked Automatically. After 3 Minuets Account Will Be Unlock Then Login.
While Login I Got An Error Message Your Account Is Not Activated. Why?
Ones Your Account Activated & In case We Find Any Query or Information Requirement, You Will Find Change in Your Account Status As Not Activated, Please Read The Reasons and Go As Per Instructions or Contact Us.
While Registering, I Got An Error Message That Says That My E-mail Address Is Already Registered With And That I Must Specify Another E-mail Address. Why Does This Happen?
Every Profile Posted Here is Associated With Only One Unique E-mail Address. You May Have Received This Error Message Because You Or Someone Else Has Already Posted A Matrimonial Profile Using This E-mail Address. In Such Matter Please Recheck What You Write, When You Think Your Email Address Is Being Used By Other, Check For Our Membership Confirmation Email In Your In box Or Spam Mail Folder When Found Press The Given Link In Our Email And Complete Your Membership. In Case Not Found Our Email, Please Send Us Email From Email Address That Is Under Contention ToWe Will Support You What To Do.
What Is Set Partner Criteria?
Set Your Preferences about Desired Life Partner, These Settings will be used to Send You Perfect & Best Match Suggestions & Match Available Messages .
How To Search For My Partner On What Are The Search Options Here?
To Find For Matches, You Can Use The Search Tab, There Are Lot Of Options Which Are Very Useful & Easy To Find Matches. While Searching Profiles You Can Save Your Match Criteria.
My Profile Is Male Profile, Can I Contact Other Male Profiles?
Not Sure. A Male Profile Can View Only Female Profiles Details & Same In Contrast, You Can Get Both Profiles When You Will Not Logged-in, But The Information Is Very Limited.
Can I See List of Profile Holders Who Send Request to Me and Their Expression Status?
Yes sure! Press the Send or Receive Request Tabs & Get The Requests List With Proper Details
Can I Short-list Profiles That I Visited And View Them Later?
Yes Sure. Press The My Clicks Link From Profile Management Page You Will Get Your Visited Profile Statistics With Which Are Marked As Favorite With Smart Search Facility.
Is It Compulsory To Upload A Photo To My Profile?
Yes But It Is Optional for female Profiles. To Adding A Photo is Very Good For Presentation, As Profiles With Photo Get Maximum Result.
Added Photos Help The Profiles To Make Decision Fast.

Log on Then Click Add Photo's Link Add/Delete Photo's By Fast Upload or Simple Upload.
How Can I Change My Password?
You Can Change Your Login Password By Clicking Change Password Link On The Left Side Of The Profile Management Page.
I Can't Find The Information I Need. What Should I Do?
Click The Feedback Link You Will Get A Feedback Form. Fill It Properly & Send Or Contact Us By Phone on +91 7385 805 805.